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Coop Rankings is now part of internSHARE

As you know, Coop Rankings was a great website but we realized that combined with internSHARE we could do even greater things. internSHARE is a student-made, Canadian website, founded by University of Toronto students in collaboration with students from many schools across the country. internSHARE has used the latest and greatest web technologies to create a novel interface that makes searching for reviews easier than ever. We are really excited about this change and we hope you are too. internSHARE's layout is different than the old Coop Rankings site so take a few minutes to explore. Again, welcome to your new coop review headquarters! If you have any questions or comments about the change, please let us know: Contact Us
What does this mean for me as a Coop Rankings member? First, all reviews and interview notes from Coop Rankings have been moved to internSHARE, maintaining all existing privacy settings. Second, all user accounts have been moved to internSHARE, meaning that you should be able to login with your old Coop Rankings account. Please use your Coop Rankings contact email address and your Coop Rankings password. Note that your contact email address is by default your school email address but if you added a different contact email address on CoopRankings, pleae use that address. The email address you use should also be the one where you received a message from Coop Rankings explaining the merger. If you forgot your password, click the Login link at the top of the page and in the dialog box, click the Reset Password link. If you had both an internSHARE account and a Coop Rankings account that were registered with the same email address, please use your internSHARE password to login.
How to Login: Your Coop Rankings account has been moved over to internSHARE. Coop Rankings required that you register with your school email address but gave you the option of using a non-school contact email address. If you did not specify a different contact address then your contact email is the same as your school email address. You must login to internSHARE with your contact email address and password. If you forgot your password you can always reset it using the internSHARE login box, just make sure you specify your Coop Rankings contact email address in the form. Again, let us know if you have difficulties.