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Welcome to internSHARE

After returning from your internship, you'll find that the majority of returning students say their roles during their work terms did not accurately match what they expected based on the job description. There's a gap in the recruitment process between the career centres, which provide infrastructure, and the employers, who are going to great lengths to get you to apply to their company. internSHARE closes the gap by providing you with honest feedback from your peers about what some jobs are really like.

How do we Fill the Gap?

At internSHARE there's a story we like called "Old Hat New Hat" by Stan and Jan Berenstein. The story is about a bear who is looking for a new hat so he goes to the store and tries on every hat in sight. Some are too big, some too small, some too shiny, some too dull. After trying on countless hats, the bear decides to just keep his old hat. You're in a similar position as a student looking for a work term. You have some conceptions about what jobs are out there, you may even have a summer job or past work term under your belt. The goal of an internship is to see if the "hat fits", or see if the job and company are right for you, but, unfortunately, it's not possible to go and try out all the jobs in the world. Without internSHARE, you're left to job postings, information sessions, and questions during interviews, where the companies are trying to attract you and show themselves in the best light. The career centre wants to remain unbiased and will give you only a neutral overview of what a company offers. So hopefully you see now how internSHARE plays a critical role in the recruitment process, it provides you with the honest feedback, both positive and negative, that you need to make the best decision you can. internSHARE is the closest thing to letting you try on all the hats in the hat store before you make a decision.
If you're a College or University student who cares about their future then you've come to the right place!

What can I find?

Coop/Internship Reviews Evaluate:

  •  Learning Experience - skills development and life lessons
  •  Work Environment - the team atmosphere and company morale
  •  Facilities - amenities that make going to work a bit more exciting
  •  Quality of Work - the significance of projects you'll get to work on
  •  Future Opportunities - how open the company is to future employment
  •  Overall Compensation - qualitative measure of reward
  •  Overall Experience - general comments and interesting stories

Interview Notes Evaluate:

  •  Technical Content - the amount of technical content during the interview
  •  Character Content - the amount of character and personality content during the interview
  •  Difficulty - how tough the interview was
  •  Overall Experience - general comments and interesting stories

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About Us is owned and operated by Internshare Inc., the result of a merger between the original internSHARE and Coop Rankings, a popular co-op review website, that took place in March 2009
We, the founders of the original internSHARE, came up with the idea during our own internships. There was a vast shortage of resources available for finding cool internships and the resources that were available offered little help in making a good choice. Why wasn't there a place for past interns to pass on their knowledge to the next generation of interns? internSHARE seeks to solve this problem by not only providing a complete rating system, but also developing a platform for interns to socialize and network, turning this into a huge information centered-interactive community.internSHARE was developed from the ground up by our intrepid co-founders: Michael, Anuj, and David. We launched a private beta in May 2008 after many months of planning and development and we look forward to helping you for years to come. internSHARE is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and the founders attend the University of Toronto. To contact us for any reason, please click the Contact link at the bottom of the page.
In early 2009, internSHARE merged with Coop Rankings to form the largest online information source for interns and coop students in Canada. Coop Rankings was started by a group of students at the University of Waterloo in 2004. The new internSHARE brings together a tremendous wealth of information from students across the world and we hope to continue to provide you with the best user experience for years to come.