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Posts Tagged ‘ratings’


New Rating System


We just launched our new Rating System. It’s important to note right off the bat the reviews still use the same five point scale and rate the same six categories. The changes are in the way we determined the overall company ratings. We average all of the user ratings in each category to determine overall ratings and we used to display these numbers on a scale of 5 with 0.5 point intervals. The new system still averages all user ratings but will give ratings out of 100, which allows for better comparison between companies. The reason for changing is to make the site more useful and give you the best experience possible and we hope that’s what you find.

Here’s an example describing the benefit of the new system. Previously, Company A might have had an overall rating of 4.5 and Company B might have had an overall rating of 4.5. Because of our 0.5 interval scale, this means that each company’s exact rating could be between 4.26 and 4.75 but was rounded to 4.5. The new system will give more accurate ratings out of 100, so if Company A was really 4.26 and B was really 4.75, then the ratings will now appear as 85 and 95, a considerable difference!


Taking it Up a Notch


We’re pleased to announce many improvements to searching companies. We’ve improved the look of the search results making them cleaner and easier to read. We’ve also added a new company summary than can be viewed by clicking the + sign to the left of the company name. Another new feature is that you can now increase the number of results per page. Finally, the Google Maps integration has really been taken up a notch. You can zoom and pan the map as usual but to search an area you now have to draw a shape around the cities you want to search. Try it out, it’s a lot of fun!

We also slightly improved the company pages by grouping reviews by city.

If you have any comments on these new features or suggestions on how to improve them, let us know.


internSHARE has dropped the BETA!


You’ll notice a lot of changes to the site since yesterday:

  • no more events page and no more discussion board
  • the sidebar now has new reviews and companies…something to look at if you’re bored
  • we have pages to entice schools and employers to be a part of internSHARE
  • you can now set an avatar by going to your Settings, this avatar will show up with your posts (like mine does)
  • you can change your email address to a non-school email address
  • we are now accepted ANY email address for registration, but prefer school email addresses
  • you can now opt out of email updates on your Settings page (you’ll be cut off completely, including announcement of contest winners)

Future improvements include:

  • improving our static pages, making them more “fun”
  • making it easier to write reviews, even easier than it already is


Finally, stay tuned, we’ll be having more contests soon, with great prizes!