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Facebook Profiles


As you may know, internSHARE is a Facebook Connect site, which means we can bring Facebook Application features directly to our site. One benefit of connecting your internSHARE and Facebook accounts (or logging in directly with your Facebook account) is that you will be able to see more information about reviewers who have also connected to Facebook. We recently launched internSHARE profiles so that members can find out a bit more about who wrote a review and now Facebook profile information will automatically supplement your internSHARE profile.

Try going to a company page like IBM or AMD and see what kinds of information you can see. You’ll notice that the information you see is limited by a reviewer’s Facebook Privacy settings and whether they wrote an anonymous review.

This might sound rather complicated but rest assured that you can only see information on internSHARE that you would be able to see on Facebook. Access to Facebook information is controlled by Facebook and nothing is stored on our servers, we simply bring together the information dynamically to give you a better experience.