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Archive for the ‘Updates’ Category


Yahoo! Answers Integration


We’ve integrated Yahoo! Answers into the Places pages so you can find relevent questions that other people are asking about a specific city. This will help get a better idea of what the city is like. We hope you enjoy!


Wikipedia Integration


We’ve been working hard the past few days. First we revamped searching, now we added really cool Wikipedia integration into the company pages. This was a lot of work and we did it incredibly fast, let us know if there’s any room for improvement and keep sending us ideas… we do implement them and we implement them fast.


Taking it Up a Notch


We’re pleased to announce many improvements to searching companies. We’ve improved the look of the search results making them cleaner and easier to read. We’ve also added a new company summary than can be viewed by clicking the + sign to the left of the company name. Another new feature is that you can now increase the number of results per page. Finally, the Google Maps integration has really been taken up a notch. You can zoom and pan the map as usual but to search an area you now have to draw a shape around the cities you want to search. Try it out, it’s a lot of fun!

We also slightly improved the company pages by grouping reviews by city.

If you have any comments on these new features or suggestions on how to improve them, let us know.


internSHARE has dropped the BETA!


You’ll notice a lot of changes to the site since yesterday:

  • no more events page and no more discussion board
  • the sidebar now has new reviews and companies…something to look at if you’re bored
  • we have pages to entice schools and employers to be a part of internSHARE
  • you can now set an avatar by going to your Settings, this avatar will show up with your posts (like mine does)
  • you can change your email address to a non-school email address
  • we are now accepted ANY email address for registration, but prefer school email addresses
  • you can now opt out of email updates on your Settings page (you’ll be cut off completely, including announcement of contest winners)

Future improvements include:

  • improving our static pages, making them more “fun”
  • making it easier to write reviews, even easier than it already is


Finally, stay tuned, we’ll be having more contests soon, with great prizes!


Announcing Public Beta2


We’ve been busy at internSHARE working on making the site easier to use and making it faster to find what you need. Over the past few months we’ve incorporated many performance and reliability improvements and we’ve added a few new features. You also might be interested in our contest to win a nice prize, all you have to do is write a review!

The main new feature we’ve added is the Discussions page. At internSHARE we want to help answer your questions. In case our database of reviews hasn’t answered your specific question you can now ask it outright. Asking a question can be done by going to the Add menu. You can view and respond to other people’s questions under the Q&A tab. Enjoy!

Here’s a sneak peak at some top secret things we’re working on:

  • 3rd Party Integration - we’re still working on Facebook integration. We’ve made a lot of progress and something should be out soon.
  • Easier Rating System - we want to make it as easy as possible to write reviews.
  • Social Connections - we want to capture more information about your internship through links to other sites such as your blog.

Announcing Private Beta1


We would like to thank all of those who signed up and explored the site during the private beta. We’ve incorporated many suggestions into this release. We at internSHARE are very excited with the enhanced features this beta offers, but if you have any further suggestions please let us know!

Here are some of the new features we’re talking about:

  • Search on a Map - you can now search for companies, places, items, and events by zooming a map onto the region you want to search. You can search any region of any size.
  • Search Improvements - searching in general should be easier and more intuitive so you can find what you want much faster.
  • For Sale Photos - you can add as many photos as you want to the for sale page for your item.
  • Enhanced Calendar Search - when searching for events you can now select multiple dates on the calendar and dates with events are bolded.
  • Code Improvements - we’ve improved our code to make it faster and more robust.
  • New Home Page - there’s a new home page for non-registered visitors.

We’re also pleased to announce the beta launch of our Facebook Application ( The App is very simple for now but we’ll be working on making it really cool over the summer.

Here’s a sneak peak at some top secret things we’re working on:

  • Rewards - we’re working on a system for rewarding good reviews. All current reviews would be automatically considered for rewards.
  • Fun Stuff - we want to add some cool and fun activities to the site that will add to the excitement.
  • 3rd Party Integration - we want to have tight integration with platforms such as Facebook so that content can be shared outside of internSHARE safely and securely.
  • Much, Much More - there are a bunch of other ideas in the internSHARE labs. If you want to participate or have an idea please contact us via the Contact Page.