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Top FREE Apps for My Fellow Broke College Students!


This blog was written by Sarah, our Campus Ambassador from the University of Missouri. 

Water Your Body Lite:  This app is extremely helpful for keeping track of your daily water intake! I know I’m not the only person who has a horrible time remembering the amount of water I drink by the end of the night.  Simply enter your body weight and the amount of ounces in your water bottle, and Water Your Body Lite helps you the rest of the way!
Nike Training Club:  Get Lean, Get Toned, Get Strong, Get Focused.  My favorite section of this app is Get Focused, these quick 15 minute workouts allow you to squeeze in a workout anytime of the day.  Nike Training Club allows you to earn rewards along your way to completing 4000 minutes.  This is hands-down my favorite app that I have downloaded to my phone!
Nike BOOM:  Start Nike BOOM, set the time of your workout, choose your music, and scroll through a list of professional athletes to give you an ‘Attaboy’ throughout your workout!  I set my app to get ‘Attaboys’ from Blake Griffin, Coach K, Tim Tebow and more.  What else would motivate you to finish your workout than a mini-pep talk from the stars?!
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