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Springing Into Fitness


This blog post is from Ashley, our campus ambassador from Parsons The New School For Design.

As hard-working college students and interns sometimes it’s hard to not get caught up in achieving academic goals, maintaing social success and not begin to neglect your health and fitness goals. As a sophomore living in the busy big apple, attending Parsons School of design and balancing an internship, sometimes I need that extra motivation to spring me back into having a passion for fitness . Sometimes a fresh start can inspire to drop the freshman ten and hike, bike, explore and take advantage of the excitement of being a fit college student. And what better time to make this change than now?


For the spring, I made it a goal to keep my mind on the prize and stay in shape and healthy. When I got here I narrowed in on both nutrition and fitness. I joined with my fit best friend and workout partner, Emily, in going over my goals. I went on “healthy” grocery shopping trips. For my fresh start, I started by making the effort to buy fresh foods even if it meant having to spare the extra cash or go through the challenge of cooking and cleaning. I made a list of health foods (delicious super foods like kale, ace berries, fresh tropical fruit, whole grains). Writing out savory and delicious healthy options before going to the grocery shopping with the got me excited and most importantly prepared with the tools needed to be excited about health. I have come up with new ideas as the flower’s bloom here in New York City including: Jog Central Park, Bike the Brooklyn Bridge, rock climb at Brooklyn boulders and attend local farmer markets for organic produce. Weather it’s planning and outdoor date or training for a marathon, there is always new and exciting health conscious choice you can make.

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