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My Internship with The Development School for Youth


This blog is written by our High school  Campus Ambassador, Maria, who attends Memorial High School. Maria  is a senior, who has had several internships already!
This year, I did something completely different and out of my comfort zone. I joined the Joseph A Forgione Developement School for Youth. My friends from the program are currently interning at amazing places such as Ernst & Young, Metlife, Ann Taylor, AIG, FTI, and JP Morgan and other companies that sponsor the All Stars Project’s Development School for Youth These students, 16-21 year old high school and college students get an opportunity that they’ve never had before: to meet their future co workers and explore how corporate America works.
 The Developement School for Youth (DSY) Is an after school program founded by the All Stars Project Inc. It’s structured as a business and leadership training program with an internship component to it.When students start the Developement School for Youth, they start meeting together for workshops and then start meeting many different businesses around New York City.Dressed in our best business attire, we would all join together for a workshop that would improve our business and leadership skills such as a public speaking workshop,resume writing session and mock interviews with supervisors, excecutives and CEOs of many corporate places in New York.
 We met Tuesdays afternoons at 4:15pm and listened to special guest speakers inform us of important matters such as finance, business and world issues. Our guest speakers included Lenora B Fulani, FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair, and actor Rosco Orman. They gave us heartwarming advice and answered all the questions we had. Asking questions is a very important part of the program. By the time we graduated DSY, we could speak clearly, loudly and confidently.
 When I joined this program, I thought it was going to be difficult, but I found that with the support of each other, our mentors and our beloved program associates, we would be able to graduate successfully.
 The Developement School for Youth helps its students sharpen their networking skills, develop professional attire and learn about giving back to the community. Many students took advantage of being able to converse with the execuitives and employees from almost every corporate place we visited, and gained valuable advice from them.
 One of the best things that I learned in DSY was to have a sense of responsibilty and respect for the places that I visited. We were all encouraged to give a proffessional performance and truly beleive that we were young proffessionals. Grey Group Advertsing, JP Morgan Chase, FTI Counsulting and Direct TV, were just some of the places that DSY can take you to if you are willing to take on the challenge.This program became more than an afterschool program for me and the other students.
 This is a great program that future interns should look into.
For more information on the Developement School for Youth and the All Stars Project in New York, Chicago, San Francisco Bay Area and Newark visit:
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