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Archive for December, 2011


5 Lessons I Learned from Interning


This blog is written by Hillary, our Campus Ambassador at Virginia Tech. She is studying Communications, with a concentration in PR, and will graduate in May 2013. Currently, she is a digital media intern for Modea.

1. Don’t be too hard on yourself- You’re an intern, not the president of the company you’re interning for. If you misunderstand something or don’t feel qualified, don’t be too hard on yourself. See the entire experience as a learning opportunity, and grow from it.

2. Manage your time wisely- If you’re interning while going to school simultaneously, I highly suggest learning to manage your time wisely. Getting your school work done early, and not procrastinating, will help make your internship that much more enjoyable. Who wants to stress out about studying for an exam while at the office anyway?

3. Ask questions- Don’t be afraid to ask questions (yes, even if you think they’re dumb). As stereotypical as it sounds, someone probably has the same question too.

4. Utilize your resources- Your office may provide learning materials or programs accessible to you. Find out about these opportunities early on, and take advantage of them. It will show your employer that you are willing to learn and, in return, you will gain knowledge you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

5. It’s okay to make mistakes- Interning is about learning and gaining experience-plain and simple. Therefore, the most important lesson I learned from my internship experiences was to learn from my mistakes.


Spoil Yourself this Holiday Season


This blog is written by Lacey, our campus ambassador from Minnesota State University, Moorhead!

Spoil Yourself this Holiday Season— 4 “Time Management” Tools that are Totally Awesome

Trying to think of a practical gift idea for your Christmas list? Check out this list of things that can be considered time management tools (and are pretty sweet anyways!) If only I had a money tree…

  1. Kindle/Nook. I was very skeptical about e-readers because I like to hold an actual book, but a Kindle or a Nook is perfect when you have some down time (such as in between classes or during your commute to your internship). They’re lightweight and hold thousands of books, so you can take it with you without creating bulk in your bag. You can also read newspapers or blogs and download apps on them. They’re even reasonably priced.
  2. iPad. Although pricy, iPads can basically do everything. It’s like carrying your laptop, iPhone, Kindle/Nook, and the whole internet in one. If you have one, you know it’s really the only thing you need to grab before you leave your house and start your day.
  3. Smart Phone. Whether you’re Windows, Android, or an Apple fan, you can easily argue that a smart phone will totally change your life. You can download apps, surf the internet, and overall manage your life with one small handheld device. Genius!
  4. Metro Passes/ Bus Passes/ Parking Permits. This is dependent on where you’re living/going to school, but having a permanent metro pass card or bus pass will save you time and money if you’re commuting every day. Also, if you drive to your university, having a parking pass will save you time trying to find a spot on the street.

I know a lot of these things are pricy, but with some sweet negotiation skills, you can show your loved ones that these “educational gifts” are only going to improve your life.

Happy Holidays Interns!


IPAD Apps You Need NOW!


This blog is written by Jackie, our campus ambassador from University of New Hampshire.

I did not understand the IPAD concept until I got one of my own. However, upon using mine I have fallen in love with it. It fits in my purse, allows for easy Internet access on the go and is a great way to read almost any book in addition to its many other uses! Here is a list of professional apps that I believe every working girl can benefit from:

1.    Keynote: Can help set up and be better prepared for speeches

2.    Scan to PDF: your IPAD becomes a scanner by downloading this app

3.    Pages: enables you to create documents on the go

4.    News Apps: specifically geared towards your professional interests; for instance, if you are interested in PR there is an app called ‘The Hot Sheet’ that shows all the top campaigns can be viewed in one place

5.    Drop Box or Log me In: Allow you to access your computer files on the go from your Ipad and even other computers

6.    ‘Trackster’: Is your morning commute is taking too long? Download this app ahead of time to avoid traffic spots. It even works as a radar detector letting you know where cops are on your route.

7.    Note-taker and/or Penultimate: Both apps allow you to take notes on the go by writing with your finger. Although it can sometimes be difficult to write this way, it is very quick and easy. If you have too much trouble using your finger to write you can buy special pens for the IPAD you can use for writing.

8.    I Heart Radio: Do you work better with music playing? This app allows you to listen to the radio while working commercial free!

9.    Thesaurus: helps prevent your writing and emails from being repetitive.

10.Blackboard: If your school uses this as its main form of communication, this app is for you! Its incredibly easy to use and allows you to access all of your teacher’s information and view uploaded PDFs and assignments with ease!


How To Plan And Navigate Your Career In 2012

TalentEgg Incubator

With 2012 on the horizon, NOW is the perfect time to establish a revived sense of direction.

To view the remainder of the article please visit:


Tumblr Tips


This blog is written by Jackie, our Campus Ambassador at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. She is studying Journalism: Strategic Communication and Spanish and will graduate in December of 2012. She would love to work in media buying, PR or event planning.

I’ve had a Tumblr for about two years. I went through an eight-month period in which I compulsively visited the site (about five times a day) and re-blogged everything I could. I dropped it for a while, then picked it up again as a personal blog for when I went to Spain, then dropped it again. About a week ago, I decided to get it back up and running – delete my old posts and start anew – and it was a great decision. Here are my tips to get a stellar Tumblr:

1. Pick a theme to blog about – find something you like! My blog focuses on fashion, but other topics include: design, art, poetry…basically anything you want!

2. Use a good ‘theme.’ The theme I use, The Minimalist, is a very popular Tumblr theme – it’s clean and easy to read and scroll through. Try to base the theme off what you’re ‘going for’ with your blog.

3. Link to your other social networks – and promote! I link my Tumblr to my Twitter account. Using hashtags when you send the post to Twitter can make it easier for others to find your tweet (and hopefully follow you) and your blog.

4. Moderation. If you link to your other social media sites, be aware of how often you post. Your Twitter followers/Facebook friends can get annoyed with you if you post too often or in a quick succession. Tumblr has a delay setting you can utilize if you want a post to be sent out at a different time.

5. If you want a blog that is conducive to user commenting, try WordPress. Tumblr is great for posting photos and text documents just to be ‘out there,’ but the commenting function isn’t there. Instead, users can ‘re-blog’ your posts.

Good luck and Tumble on!

Follow me on Tumblr!


Tis the season to send Holiday Cards!


This blog was written by Jeanette our campus ambassador from Arizona State University. If you go to ASU, and want to blog for us, please comment on this blog!

If there is one thing that I have learned from the Intern Queen, I have learned to always send a hand written thank you note to an employer. With the holidays approaching, sending hand written holiday cards can be just as important as the thank you notes. Remember to send holiday cards to past and present employers as it helps keep you in their mind translating to possible support in the future. This is a subtle yet effective form of strengthening your network. Also, sending a hand written holiday card is a nice gesture that helps you maintain positive relationships. When choosing your holiday card, remember to select an appropriate, high quality card that does not relate to a particular religion. Moreover, remember to write eligibly and check for spelling or grammatical errors. Lastly, send your cards early so that the past or present employer can receive your hand written holiday card on time.


I’m in High School And Want to Intern…NOW!


Q: Hello,

I’m a senior at a Westchester highschool and am looking for an internship in Westchester or NYC from April-June. I have looked through many internships listed on your site, but every one i find says “no high school students.” I am eighteen, outgoing, a hard worker, and would be willing to work in many different fields. Do you know of any opportunities for me? Thank you so much – Chandler

A: Hi Chandler,

I don’t currently work with any Westchester opportunities. The closest I can get you is in NYC. Here is what I suggest:

1. Personal Connections/Relationships. Think to yourself…who do I know that works in the industry I’m interested in? Who do my parents/brothers/sisters/grandparents know locally that might be willing to let me intern a few days per week?

2. Set a meeting with your school guidance counselor.

3. Make a list of your top 10 local companies – even try some NYC companies if you want. Start with smaller/local companies to get some experience under your belt.

4. Be ready to explain to an employer why you are the PERFECT candidate – even though you are still in high school.

5. Remember, ANYTHING is possible!

xx Lauren Berger
“The Intern Queen”


How to Stay Productive Over the Holidays


This blog is written by Erin our campus ambassador for the College of William and Mary.

Your finals are over and you now have between two weeks and a month to blow off steam and celebrate with friends and family. After months of living the life of a full-time college student, it is easy to shun anything even remotely resembling responsibility and to settle in to days of shopping, holiday movies, and a marathon of holiday cookie eating. But spending just a few moments a day investing in next semester can leave you feeling less stressed and more prepared for when classes start again.

First off, if you haven’t already, work on making plans for what you will be doing this summer. Look for and apply for internships, jobs, or study abroad programs and do everything in your power to finalize your plans now. When it’s mid-February and you are knee-deep in midterms and extra-curricular activities, you’ll be glad that your summertime plans are all set.

Secondly, look over your schedule for next semester and make certain that you are meeting requirements for your program of study. The last thing you want is to have to stay at school for an extra semester (or year!) because you didn’t stop to reevaluate your courses to make sure that you have taken or plan to take required courses or the required number of credits to graduate. Compare the list of requirements presented by your school with your plan to make sure it matches up.

Thirdly, carve out a few 20-minute sessions of time to work out. Home cooked food+ a drastically reduced amount of movement = post- holiday sluggishness. Pre-empt that “blah” feeling that comes after two weeks of 24-hour cookie-eating duty by popping into the gym or going for a walk with a family member or friend just a few times a week. Keeping your energy up during the holiday season will leave you energized for the stressful and untiring semester that lies ahead.

Remember to enjoy this special time with family and friends and take time to do things that you don’t have the time or energy to do during the semester. Make memories, spread cheer, but keep the semester ahead in the back of your mind.


A Reflection Of My Past Jobs


This blog was written by Korrie, our campus ambassador from SUNY Cortland. She majors in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and will be graduating in May 2012.

I got my very first job when I was sixteen. I remember getting my first paycheck; $179.50, I felt like I had just made a million bucks! As I grew up, these paychecks didn’t seem to be as satisfying as I first remembered them to be. I started to waitress once I was old enough and had an array of jobs, including: wedding dress shop, prom dress shop, bakery, retail clerk, hostess and even state fair ticket counter! (They should have called me the “Job Queen.”)

You never know where a job can take you or what you can take from it. This past summer, I had my most memorable job yet. I found a live-in nanny position through It was listed as $250.00 a week for 35 hours of work, two kids, and in Montauk, NY (9 hours from my home). I took it, and spontaneously moved to the very tip of long island. I was to spend the whole summer working in the Hamptons and unknowingly opening myself up to a whole new world of adventure.

I got a second job out there at a little Mexican place. They hired me as a prep cook, something that I had made clear I had zero experience in doing. A few weeks later, I had learned how to chop every vegetable known to man, how to cook, and my Spanish was highly improving.

At the end of what I told my parents would be “my most profitable summer ever”, I ended up just about breaking even. Financially, I wish I had been more profitable, but the experiences I gained from being on my own for the first time, working for a living, and meeting friends from all over the world had broadened my mind, and to me that was just as valuable.

Now, I’m starting to apply to real life post-grad jobs and wanted to share some of the lessons I accumulated from my past jobs that you can apply the real job world.

  1. Don’t underestimate the power of a Bachelor’s degree, hard work and a strong work ethic pays off!
  2. Never sell yourself short when it comes to agreeing on a salary. On average, women get paid less than men because they are afraid to ask for more money. From my experiences, women tend to be more timid talking about these matters. You are worth the salary that you think you deserve so don’t be afraid to name it.
  3. A good resume is key. Key. Key.
  4. Take every interview and job seriously whether it’s for a summer position or for your dream job.
  5. Don’t be afraid to take a route on your own, it is the best way to grow and learn.
  6. Take something from every experience you have! Each job helped to get me where I am today which is optimistically looking to the future and ready to start the job/career hunt.

What is your most memorable job experience so far?


Ask the Intern Queen: I’m So Scared of Internships…


Q: Have you personally done any internships?

A: Hi Jordyn,

Thanks for being so honest. Internships can be scary but I can tell you from personal experience that they are well worth it. I did 15 internships – that’s where I came up with the title of “Intern Queen”. No one needs to do 15 internships but I do suggest 2 internships before you graduate college. If you are considering leaving a full-time job to intern, that’s a big step. Keep in mind that many employers limit their internships to students. Many adults enroll in nearby colleges just so they can officially take on an internship. Also, remember there are no guarantees – an internship is a learning experience and not a job. Regardless, internships are a great way to learn a new industry, build your resume, and build your rolodex. If you do have a full-time job, I would suggest first setting informational meetings with potential employers. Perhaps you can even take a day off to job shadow. Start with baby steps. Make sure you do what’s right for you.

Good luck!
Lauren Berger
“The Intern Queen”