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Archive for June, 2011


Have You Met Emily from University of Minnesota?


This is a Q&A with Campus Ambassador, Emily, from the University of Minnesota.

1.     What are your three must-have items for an internship?

a.     If you’re a girl, FLATS, especially if you are interning in New York.

b.     Business Cards, once again especially in New York, everyone has them.

c.      Ambition, not physical but necessary.

2.     What are your three must visit websites each day?

a.     My Email – check updates

b.     Twitter – keep updated

c. – know how to dress

3.     What kind of cell phone do you have?

I have a blackberry, but realize I need an iPhone.

4.     Age-old question: Mac or PC?

Mac x 10000000

5.     What has been your favorite part about being an Intern Queen Campus Ambassador?

It made me realize that I do need internships and how valuable they are. I probably wouldn’t have gotten two of them this summer without learning about the Intern Queen and becoming an ambassador. Also I have met some amazing people who are also ambassadors interning in the same city as me and we’ve become good friends!

6.     Any advice for other interns?

I would say not only apply for large company internships but small ones. I have two right now and I am learning so much more valuable information at my smaller company than at the one that has a dozen interns and is well known.

But also embrace the opportunity, even if I am not physically learning as much at the larger one, by watching the actual employees I am learning how the company and that industry works.


New Campus Ambassador From Minnesota State University Moorhead!


Meet Lacey!

I’m a student at Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM in Moorhead, MN) majoring in mass communications with an emphasis in public relations and advertising along with a minor in leadership studies and a certificate in publishing. (It’s definitely a mouthful to say!) I’ll be a senior this coming fall, meaning I’ll graduate in May 2012. I’m currently the President of our local chapter of PRSSA, and I’m involved in welcoming new freshman to campus this fall through our Student Orientation Counselor program. In the past, I was a Dragon Ambassador at MSUM where I worked in alumni relations and gave tours to prospective students. I currently work at the MSUM Admissions Office where I’m the Communications Intern, and at Jade Presents (a local concert promoter in Fargo, ND) where I’m the Marketing Intern. I love internships because I am at a point in my life where I feel like I want to do a little bit of everything, and internships help me weed out the things I don’t really enjoy, and find the things that I love. It’s a nice way to try on a career before committing to it too much.


How To Impress The Dealfind Recruitment Team With Your Inside Sales Rep Application

TalentEgg Incubator

Eight TalentEgg users have already been successfully hired as Inside Sales Representatives at Dealfind (congratulations everyone!), but the company is rapidly expanding to bring Canadians even more…

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The Official InternQueen Internship Playlist


Summer means only one thing: internship season! And one thing every intern needs is a good “pump-up” song, or better yet a playlist! It was extremely difficult deciding which songs would make the cut, but from the InternQueen family to you, here is our Summer 2011 Internship Playlist! Listen on, interns!

InternQueen Playlist


Turning Luck into Opportunity


Meet Alyx, a guest blogger from Binghampton University. She will be a Senior this Fall and is Majoring in English Rhetoric and Global Culture.

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” –Seneca.

Finding an Internship is all about luck. We can make all the attempts we want, but without a little luck,
even our best efforts are futile.

I have a friend who does part time catering. To say he is talented would be an understatement. His
creativity flows far beyond the ornate dish he is serving. If he has taught me anything it would be that a
truly successful event includes not only satisfied taste buds, but an entrancing atmosphere as well.

Some time in December, he took a Moroccan couple to see the Angel Orensanz Foundation facilities. It
is the oldest Synagogue in New York, located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I do not know the
personal opinions of the young love birds, but I do know that my friend was enamored by the quaint
neo-gothic architecture of the building. Knowing my immense appreciate for underrated treasures and
architecture, he texted me the website for the Angel Orensanz Foundation. Nonchalantly, he told me to
scan the website. Little did I know the beauty that lay in store.

When I did finally make my way to the website, I was instantly captivated. The building was eccentric
and lively. The religious alter at the front of the building was cast in wrought iron, the walls charmingly
chipping from years of decay. I spent several weeks perusing the website. The old synagogue was
actually founded, and currently houses an art gallery with the works of Angel Orensanz. I was simply
enjoying the websites graphics until I saw a small tab in the corner of the page for a magazine called
Artscape. I immediately emailed the editor about a possible internship. Seeing as my interests lay
somewhere between journalism and art history, I felt as though the job was perfect for me.

I spent two days writing, revising, and then re-revising, my letter to the editor. I wanted it to be perfect.
A week after I sent the email, I received an apologetic rejection. But, I was not ready to give up. I
emailed the Angel Orensanz Foundation themselves, hoping to find a job that would straddle my two

Soon after, I received an opportunity. I had an interview with one of the gallery’s staff memebers. It was
my first real interview. I attempted to dazzle them with my charm. Together with my interviewer we
devised an internship program, seeing as it was something they had never done before.

Right now there are three other interns, along with myself, who work diligently on the second story
balcony of this incredible building. All I can say is, if you want an internship, make the call, send an
email. What’s the worst that can happen?


Think local. Dream big.


This is a guest post by Jennifer M. our campus ambassador from Arizone State University.

Opportunities from within.

Opportunities can come knocking in unknown, small, big or even large doors. The question is have you looked within the job you have for more than just what you do?  You could be a pizza maker, but you actually dream of doing promotions for them…there’s someone in charge of that and it’s your job to find out and learn about them. For instance, I’m a hostess at a hotel and I found out that we host events such as weddings, and larger meetings for all kinds of different companies.  Once I met the girl in charge of putting those events together, I started becoming more and more interested to learn about her position in that department. Fast forward to only working there for 6 months, and I’m officially interning in my job’s sales and marketing department, and loving it!

Here are my tips into opening up a bigger door for yourself:

  • Put yourself out there. By this, I mean make yourself known. Smile at those random people you see regularly since you probably know they work for the same company as you. Once you feel comfortable, strike up a conversation.
  • Speak about your future goals. I expressed my career goals to my restaurant director of operations, and he put in a great word for me with my sales and marketing director.
  • Don’t give up. If you truly love the company you work for, and you know there is potential to someday move up, always keep that goal in mind.

The part-time job you have currently could be at a small, medium or large company, but there can always be room to grow, which will only enhance your resume. Interning is about figuring out what you enjoy, which you can do by expressing that you would love to learn more about the company. You don’t necessarily need to travel across the world to potentially lead yourself to bigger opportunities, just look from within.

Good luck!


Meet Our Newest High School Ambassador


Welcome Marina, a soon to be senior at Academy of Holy Angels in NJ.

This summer I will spend
two weeks in Spain to become fluent in Spanish (I’m already fluent in
English, Greek, & French), then I’ll spend several weeks in Greece, and
lastly I will have an internship at the Hellenic American Chamber of Commerce
in New York City. I want to be successful. When I graduate college I hope to
be in charge of an international business of a major fashion house. This job
entails travelling to the stores of the fashion house in different countries
and securing that the business is going well and all the proper ethics are
followed  for the country it is located. It is for this job that I have
chosen to become fluent in so many languages. This is why I have taken a
course at Boston University in Journalism and Marketing. I have also taken a
course at the Fashion Institute of Technology in advertisement. Being in such
close proximity to the city is such an advantage, there is always something
going on for me. Whether it’s a presentation at the Learning Annex by Marie
Claire’s editor in chief, like the one I attended last fall or working
backstage at New York Fashion Week, like I did for Vassilios Kostetsos in his
Fall 2010 show. In this day and age to get to the top education, connections, and
experiences are your only way. Thus I take any opportunity even if it
doesn’t have any direct link to my dream job, you never know. While doing
all of these opportunities I’m also attending high school at one of New
Jersey’s most rigorous all girls private schools, I’m captain of the
Varsity soccer team, I’m treasurer for Habitat for Humanity, I’m event
coordinator for Angels over Africa, I’m an Angel Ambassador (recognized
representative of my school), I’m a loving daughter, I’m a teenage girl
trying to have fun, and now I’m a Intern Queen High School Ambassador.


How To Organize Your Graduate School Search

TalentEgg Incubator

Applying to graduate programs can be time consuming and expensive, meaning that it might not be feasible to apply to every program that interests you. Yet, with so many options for graduate study,…

To view the remainder of the article please visit:


Have You Met Kim from NYU?


This is a Q&A with our fantastic Intern Queen Campus Ambassador from NYU, Kim.

1. What are your three must-have items for an internship?

I wouldn’t be able to survive my internship without a cell phone charger, my Twitter account, and an open mind to try out new things!

2. What are your three must visit websites each day?

Twitter (obviously), Mashable, and Gawker!

3. What kind of cell phone do you have?

A lovely Droid X, with whom I’ve been having a torrid love affair with for the past year!

4. Age-old question: Mac or PC?

I was born and raised a PC girl – Papa Pham would die if I sold my soul and bought a MacBook!

5. What has been your favorite part about being an Intern Queen Campus Ambassador?

Meeting Lauren (the Intern Queen herself!) in NYC has by far been the highlight of my stint as NYU Campus Ambassador. Also, I love having the chance to flesh out my internship/college/life-related thoughts on the Intern Queen blog – just another amazing outlet to express myself!

6. Any advice for other interns?

Jump on social media as soon as you can – there are so many online tools that can truly change the way you interact and communicate with the world around you. Whether that’s connecting with like-minded individuals or learning about a new, disruptive service, staying ahead of the curve will make you a tech-savvy intern – a truly impressive trait in the twenty-first century.


Interns Lunch Club: Networking, Food, Friendship


This is a guest post by our campus ambassador Crystal Yan from Amherst College. Crystal is a business development intern at Read her blog at and follow her on Twitter @crystalcy.

Recently, I had lunch with 10 other interns at the first gathering for the Bay Area Interns Lunch Club. I started the Bay Area Interns Lunch Club because I know that students travel to new and unfamiliar places to intern in the summer, and, unfortunately, most never get the chance to meet other students interning in their area. When I talked to students, I found that many of them wanted to meet and network with the students working near them. Now, I am proud to report that the Bay Area Interns Lunch Club has grown to include over 130 members.

One of the attendees at our first lunch was Daniel Shi, an MBA intern at Nokia Growth Partners. I interviewed him to learn more about his experiences with networking and his feelings about the Wednesdays intern lunch club.

Q: So Daniel, are you a big networker in general?

A: I’m actually painfully shy and awkward in large and noisy groups. I was one of those Asian American guys who had their heads down studying or playing StarCraft in high school, but I also worked in sales, where networking was a key to the profession.

Q: What did you do to build upon your networking skills?

A: I would try to find the other wallflowers and strike up a conversation with them. Believe me, they are looking for someone to talk to just as much as you are. Check out the edges of the feeding frenzy. Find the guys who are just standing around. Eventually I started my own networking event. It took a lot of work, but it was worth it. And most importantly, don’t always be closing. Pitch every day, but not every minute.

Q: What about the Bay Area Interns Lunch Club made networking easier for you, both personally and professionally?

A: The lunch today was a blast! I ended up meeting some really cool fellow interns. When I graduated from college, I realized that in the real world, it’s a lot harder to have the kind of social life that a college campus comes with because of a bunch of like-minded peers. And I personally think that one of the biggest bummers of the modern white-collar life is how often we eat alone, so this lunch club program is something I think is super compelling.

Daniel had a great time at the lunch club, and you can too! If you’re an undergrad or grad student interning in one of the cities listed below this summer, then join a lunch club to meet fellow interns and make new friends!

San Francisco Bay Area:

New York City:




Washington DC:

Los Angeles:

If you are interested in starting a lunch club in your city, then shoot Crystal an email!