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The 3 Month Rule


This is a blog post from Stephanie, our Intern Queen Campus Ambassador from Drexel University. If you attend Drexel and are interested in blogging for us, leave a comment below!

The 3 Month Rule

I’m currently working at my sixth internship this year. Since I started interning freshman year, I’ve met a lot of coworkers who became key mentors with a lot of career guidance and advice to share. However, it’s impossible to keep in touch with all of them on a consistent basis. In order to keep some organization to my contacts, I created the 3 Month Rule.

Every three months, I go through my contacts and do my best to email/call/Facebook the people I’m looking to stay in touch with, either as a mentor as a friend. Three months is the perfect amount of time to check-in, get new news from your contacts but not be excessive. This will be helpful when I graduate and look back at my network to hopefully land the perfect job!

If you’re looking for what to say when you send the initial check-in email, I have a few recommendations:

  • Ask for a resume review
  • Let them know that a project you worked on with them was helpful to you post-internship
  • Ask for advice on a job-related issue

The most important thing is to get in touch and keep in touch!

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