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Archive for May, 2009


Introducing: Green-ternships!


I have to admit, that I’ve only recently boarded the “Green-ternship Train”. I’ve recently been in contact with the lovely founder of ( and I’m now trying to learn different “green-friendly” ways to run my business.
Students should really understand the growing trend of “Green Careers”. I recently termed these internship opportunities, “Green-ternships”.

Intern Queen Dictionary: GREEN-TERNSHIP – An internship associated with an environmentally friendly company.

Thanks to some great Green Websites, (, , I recently added a bunch of great Green-ternships to my website. I tried to make them as spread out around the country as possible, to provide more opportunities for more students. The Green Industry is growing daily. Employers around the globe are spending millions of dollars turning their workplaces into Green Environments. Get on board the internship and in this case, make it a Green-ternship!

Get a Green-ternship Today.

US Green Building Council Internship,
Location: San Francisco, CA

•Nova Columbus Environmental Graphic Design Internship,
Location: New York, NY

•Island Press – Publicity, Development, Marketing Internships,
Location: Washington DC

•Green Market Fundraising Internship,
Location: New Jersey

Conservancy of SouthWest Florida Internship,
Location: Naples, FL

•Clean Power Finance Internship,
Location: San Francisco, CA

UrbanGoGreen Event Planning Internship,
Location: New York, NY

•Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy Internship,
Location: San Francisco, CA

•Green Corps,
Location: Boston, MA and San Francisco, CA

I asked my friends on Twitter what they thought about “Green-ternships”

OhHeyJamie@InternQueen that’s awesome! green internships!

suecwebber@InternQueen Count me in for Green Intern!!!

mrtoodamngood@InternQueen absolutely. All the money that the Obama administration is pushing into the green sector is where a good future is.


Turn Rejection Into Opportunity


You got the letter. You got the email. You received the notification. You did NOT get the internship. You think the world is over.The Intern Queen has news for you. Not only is the world NOT over but you can also use this rejection and turn it into a future opportunity.

How to Turn Rejection Into Opportunity
1. Find the Rejection Notice. Open the letter or email that you received stating that you didn’t get the internship. Try to decide if the letter has been personalized to you or if it’s a template form letter. Look for specific notes that apply to your resume. Most of these letters do tend to be template forms.

2. Find the Rejector. The email or letter you got, should be signed by someone. This person is usually in the Human Resources department. Make note of their name, email, and phone number and add it to your list of professional contacts (that you should be starting).

3. Contact the Rejector. Send an email to the person who wrote the rejection letter. If the person’s email is not on the letter. Do some investigation and figure out what the company email is. Your letter should be short and sweet and ask the person if there is anything to do in the future to better your chances of getting the internship. Thank them for their nice letter and let them know that you will stay in touch. This could be a future wonderful internship experience.


New Video ! Intern Queen Judges NFTE Event



Intern Queen on !


Lauren Berger, The Intern Queen, speaks with Business Week’s editor about intern abuse and what’s going on in the internship space.


Rate Your Internships With InternShare!


Check out a great new site that I’ve partnered up with,, and the best part ? The brains behind this amazing internship site belong to college students. One of the students behind this is a great intern and he’s interning with Facebook this summer !

Get internships with the Intern Queen ( and rate them with (

Check out my feature with them “Intern Queen For InternShare! ” on their homepage for more blogs and more fun !


Focus on Follow-Up !


You’ve done your resume, completed your cover letter, and sent out your materials. Congratulations! You have completed the first step of applying to an internship or job. The next  step is just as crucial as the first, FOLLOW UP!

It’s so important to follow up with every contact and every company.  It’s so frustrating to hear that students apply for multiple internships or jobs and don’t follow up. The resumes fall into the big black hole and we never hear about them again. If you aren’t going to follow up, than don’t waste your time applying for anything. It’s all in the follow up !


1.       Get Organized. I don’t suggest sending resumes randomly or on a whim. Decide that you are going to start applying for jobs or internships and create a new Excel document or list for yourself. The columns should be labeled as follows:

·         Name of Company

·         Name of Contact

·         Email/Phone Number For Contact or Company

·         Company Website

·         Status


2.       Send ‘Em Together. To avoid chaos, block out a period of time when you will send all of your materials. Put aside three hours on the weekend and make this your application time. Print out clean copies of your resumes, cover letters, and letters of recommendation and put them into your envelopes or attach them to your emails and send them out. Sending everything out in one day makes it much easier to track your materials for follow up. As soon as your send an application in (via email or snailmail) make sure to log it on your document. Write “Sent” and the date in the column.


3.       File All Responses. Many company emails will send you an AutoResponse saying that your materials have been received. File all of these responses into a folder titled, “Internship Follow Up” on your computer/email server. If anyone from the company writes you back to say that they’ve received your materials and will get back to you, file it immediately.


4.       Find Your Follow Up Day. Look at the calendar. Your follow up should be done two weeks after sending your initial email. Normally, Mondays are really busy for executives and assistants because of the catch-up from the weekend. I suggest sending follow up emails on Tuesdays. The week is still fresh but the load isn’t as heavy for most. Make sure you block out about an hour on this day to do all of your follow up at the same time.


5.       Stick To Your Follow Up Day. When your follow up day arrives it’s time to go through your list and proceed appropriately. If you emailed in your resume, I suggest emailing that same contact and writing something like this:


Sara Millner,


                I wanted to follow up and make sure that you received my summer internship materials that I sent out on ______(write the date). I’m really looking forward to learning more about your company. Please let me know if you need any other information. 



Lauren Berger


Cell: 555-555-5555

If you sent in your application via regular mail, I suggest calling the company or your specific contact at the company to ask if they’ve received your materials. Keep in mind, the more formal internship programs won’t provide you with an email or a phone number so you might have to do some digging. If you write or call once and don’t hear back, I don’t suggest writing again. Make sure to carefully walk the line between assertive and annoying.


6.       Document. Make sure to document your follow up so that you know exactly when you reached out to which people. When you are asked how your internship search is going, you should be able to provide a clear and direct response on where exactly you are with each company.


7.       Be Polite. Again, there is a thin line between what is aggressive and what is annoying. If someone is not responding well, move on to the next company. If they aren’t having it, they aren’t having it. This is why I suggest students apply to 10 -20 internships per semester. Keep your head high and your manners in place. Good luck !



I  asked my friends on Twitter about Follow Up:

ericleebow Follow up is not as important as first contact. Be sincere, don’t autofill a company name! Don’t degrade yourself, don’t be over confident.

Keppie_Careers@InternQueen Follow up is essential for job seekers:




Find Intern Housing in NYC


It’s only fair that I discuss housing options in New York City as well as Los Angeles. I interned in New York City the summer after my freshman year of college. I lived at the NYU Dorms (Hayden Hall) through the NYU Summer Programs. NYU and a few other schools in the city open their doors to students from schools all over the world for the summer. Interns populate most of these dorms over the summer.

Below are some great resources for internship housing in New York City:

NYU Summer Program:

Perk: I was able to use the gym at NYU and get on the NYU student meal plan for the summer !

NYC Intern:

Educational Housing Services:

The New School Housing:


Intern Queen on ABC News Now


I’m a big supporter of bloblive, It’s a great event for entrepreneurs to attend in their cities or view online. Los Angeles has Bloblive events every week at a different venue. Entrepreneurs (at all stages of business) get up on stage and pitch their business ideas and ask the audience for help on specific areas of their company. It’s  a great way to brainstorm and collaborate with other  entrepreneurs.

I was lucky enough to represent Bloblive on ABC News last week. It was my first sattelite interview !

Check out this link:


Internship Housing in Los Angeles


I’m so pleased to hear that so many students have received internships in Los Angeles for this summer ! You should be so proud of yourselves for really taking the internship initiative ! I know that the living situation in Los Angeles can be really tough. I have partnered with a great company, Equity Corporate Housing Worldwide to provide an excellent housing option for students coming to Los Angeles for the summer. I personally toured the property a few weeks back, and I think it’s gorgeous ! 

The apartments come furnished and if you want to live with a roomate, let me know, and I can put you in touch with other students going to Los Angeles this summer. The Equity apartments are located in Marina Del Rey (super close to the beach) and are right across from OTIS College. The buildings are stacked with students and interns over the summer. Each apartment is just the right size and will feel just like home for the summer.

When I interned in Los Angeles (coming from Florida) I stayed in furnished corporate housing. It made the entire process so much smoother. My parents and I didn’t have to go searching for a cheap bed, table, desk or anything because the apartment was already furnished.

If you are interested in contacting Equity Corporate Housing in Los Angeles, please check out this link: and if you have any questions just email me at and put HOUSING in the subject line !!

*Remember, if you want to be paired with a roomate to take advantage of the furnished apartment, please email me with HOUSING in subject line.